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Certified Professional Life Coach

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Through my work as a Certified Professional Coach, and as an APSATS trained partner coach I specialize in sex, love, pornography, and substance addiction, as well as partner betrayal trauma for partners of addicts. One of my core beliefs is that sex addiction affects male and females alike, and I am passionate about raising awareness for this belief. Especially since male partners and female sex addicts have often felt left without resources and support. Both genders need a safe place to heal, gain support, and recover, and I hope that my practice can provide this for you. I have faith that no relationship is too far gone to save, and that a couple’s most painful struggles can become their greatest source of growth. I believe that freedom from addiction and betrayal can be one of the most transformative and empowering events in the life of both individuals, and I enjoy seeing the true connection and intimacy that can be achieved after recovery. During the coaching process I will be a vital role in a client's recovery, therefore, I do not take my career lightly. While working with someone, I will always do my best to provide the utmost care and service, and treat them as a top priority. I love coaching, and helping people better their lives and their relationships. I also enjoy further educating myself on betrayal trauma, addiction, and psychology, in order to better serve my clients. In my spare time I love to exercise, rock climb, explore cities and the outdoors, and spend time with my family. I live in the Houston area with my wonderful wife and son, Nikki and Kaden.

There is hope for things to get better, my goal is to help you get there! I look forward to meeting and working with you!

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Houston, TX, USA

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