Addiction Recovery Coaching

For Those Struggling With Sex and/or Substance Addiction

Both beginning treatment for an addiction and completing treatment are major life-changing events. Then there is the transition back to the world, and building a life in recovery. This transition can be especially difficult without continued support and recovery work. You don't have to do it alone! Get guidance and support with coaching!

Benefits of Recovery Coaching:

-Guidance, support, and encouragement before and during treatment, as well as after treatment to help you stay on track with recovery

-Help with changing your mindset to achieve sobriety and stay sober

-Develop the ability to understand and accept your reality

-Work to set achievable goals and develop action plans to follow through with them 

-Rebuild your life into one that you want and deserve

-Have the unbiased accountability you need

-Build self-confidence and self-worth

Along with my specialization in addiction, I also focus on life transition coaching. This is especially helpful for people with addictions because of the many transitions and "ups-and-downs" that occur during recovery.

I am ready to join you in your journey to a fulfilling and joyful life!

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Houston, TX, USA

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