Transition Coaching

Life is constantly changing and full of transitions. Of course, these changes can be good or bad. Sometimes, we desire a change, but we haven't been able to make it happen. Other times we make the change, but still struggle to cope or transition into a new situation, even if it's what we wanted. Then, there are the times that changes happen that we didn't want, sometimes leaving us shocked and broken. Transition coaching can help with any of these situations. Whether your goal is to make a change, or to cope with changes that have happened, I'm here to help!


Transition coaching can be very helpful for the following situations:   

  • If you want to make a career change

  • If you are dealing with a career change, whether wanted or unwanted

  • Starting school or finishing school

  • Starting or ending relationships

  • Major life transitions, whether good or bad 

  • Dealing with the difficult situations that occur from life-changing events, such as discovery of betrayal or addiction recovery

As mentioned above, a focus on transitions can be very beneficial for people dealing with betrayal trauma or addiction. That is why I pair transition coaching with my specialties in betrayal trauma and addiction recovery

Want to learn more about how the coaching process works? See What is Coaching?

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